Albatros Foundation Donation Portal

Adapting the WooCommerce store system to effectively manage collections and communication with donors.

Client: Albatros Foundation
Project overview: Our task was to modify WooCommerce and extend its capabilities with the function of collecting donations. Donors receive a set of digital products, depending on the amount paid. The Foundation has a convenient system for collecting contacts and consents to the processing of personal data in accordance with the GDPR.
Features: donation functionality integrated with WooCommerce, downloadable digital gifts, automated process, newsletter

Our system allows you to create separate collections for different campaigns. The Foundation can easily create pages dedicated to specific campaigns, offering one-off and recurring donations.

We have integrated the intuitive payment module with popular payment operators, thanks to which donors can pay using fast digital transfers and credit cards.

We have designed a variety of digital products that donors receive as a thank you for their donations. The products are arranged in sets, the size of which depends on the amount paid by the donor. Access to digital products is completely automated.