Arts & Cultural Studies Review Website

Allowing the university publishing house to publish content easily.

Client: Jagiellonian University
Project overview: We were asked to design and implement a visually surprising website, with a clear division of content and an efficient publishing system.
Features: unique generative graphics, minimalist style, simple way of publishing, speed.

The key element of visual identification is dynamically generated generative graphics. Each page refresh generates a unique graphic.

We have facilitated the presentation of selected articles in the form of transparent cards, with the option of adding a whole set of necessary information, along with a link to external websites.

On the subpages we used generative graphics of various nature. They give a unique style to each subpage.

Each page ends with a visually attractive footer. Static generative graphics give it character. At the very bottom, there is a widget showing the website’s very good energy efficiency and low carbon dioxide production.