Gdańsk Przyszłości Project Website

Bringing life to a static website by introducing interactive animations.

Client: Instytut Kultury Miejskiej w Gdańsku
Project overview: A website for a foresight project modeling the future of Gdańsk until 2070. We transformed the existing visual identity and revived it with animations. At the same time, we have maintained the highest compliance with digital accessibility standards at the WCAG 2.1 AA level.
Features: interactive animations, practical tooltips with glossary, sliders, quiz.

We have created two types of animations on the site. Colorful objects slowly change their shapes and arrangement, pulsating with life of their own. Bright objects react to cursor movements and are dependent on us. We showed a metaphor of complex structures and processes – some of them depend on us, others run on their own terms.

The scenarios of the future contain many words and terms used in hermetic futurological discussions. Thanks to the tooltips, we were able to show their meaning directly in the text, without having to refer the reader to the Glossary.

An additional element that engages readers is a quiz with questions about their vision of Gdańsk. Different answers lead to one of four scenarios for the future of the city.