ROI 2023

Presenting 52 columns on violence and the fight against patriarchy, in a practical calendar form.

Client: Anita Deskiewicz /
Project: The Year of Courageous Existence was supposed to be a therapeutic publication containing 52 short columns on functioning in a violent relationship. We were supposed to add the form of a calendar to it. For the cover, we chose a photo with an energetic, orange color. The clearly feminine shade suggests that this is a product primarily for women, who are the majority of victims of violence in relationships. The shadow, however, is a bit rebellious, feisty and shows a person upright, self-confident, standing in the light. Thus, we introduced optimism into this difficult set of considerations about violence. We added a sense of human touch to the interior. Each of the drawn lines was drawn on the project by hand.
Features: calendar, planner, therapeutic publication with 52 columns for the whole coming year.