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Helping you to make good decisions

Tested process

Walk calmly through the process of creating your new website. We operate in accordance with the classic methodology of four stages: discovery, prototyping, building and post-launch optimization.

Early previews

Stay in control of your project from the very beginning. We provide usable models already at the prototyping stage.

Minimal financial risk

Chaos&Cosmos Premium Web Agency reduces the risk of a venture by dividing the process into 4 stages. You pay at the end of each one. You have the right to resign at any time.

Dedicated consultant

Make your work easier and contact one person when creating the page. Our consultant will accompany you through all stages of working with us.

Usability testing

Get knowledge about your website and its users. Make smart decisions based on data, not guesswork.

Post-launch support

Get the most out of your new website. Thanks to our post-launch support, we verify the initial assumptions and modify the website to make it even more efficient.

Our Process

In 4 steps to your
performing website

You will be guided through the four-step process of creating your website. We will go through a phase
of discovery, development, building and optimization. Each step is self-contained and will define the next one.


Analyse and define fundamental KPI (Key Performance Indicators) of your new website. Plan desirable results.


Create content and interactive structure ready for initial UX testing.


Add all functionalities to create a fully functional website.

Post-launch optimization

Test performance, user interactions and KPI. Apply necessary changes to achieve planned results.


Additional possibilities

Competitive analysis

It’s hard to compare yourself to others. Chaos&Cosmos Premium Web Agency will look at your business from the perspective of your competitors and examine what others do differently.

Brand book

The brand book describes the features of your company or institution. It helps to conduct consistent communication with your clients. If you do not have it yet, you can order it during the implementation of your website.

Content creation

Sometimes you know what to write, but don’t know how. We will build the textual content based on the facts you provide us, with SEO in mind.

WCAG Compliance

Have access to the largest audience possible. We create accessible websites compliant with WCAG.

Logo design

The logo is an important element that builds the character of your brand. We specialize in sharp, minimalist signs, recognizable in both virtual and real spaces.

Product photography

You do not need to look for another contractor. Order a product photo in our studio, in line with the aesthetics of your brand.


Risk reduced to the minimum

We reduce the risk of a venture by dividing the process into 4 stages. You pay at the end of each one. You have the right to resign at any time.

You decide

The first stage is only 10% of the budget and takes up to 4 weeks. You will have time to decide whether you want to continue the project or quit.


We help…

Large businesses manage complex websites

Companies have to reconcile the expectations of various departments and decision makers. We mediate and cooperate with each group to develop rational solutions based on countable KPIs.

Startups implement functional MVP

Start-ups with limited resources cannot wait for a product to launch. Chaos&Cosmos Premium Web Agency prepares aesthetic and functional MVPs in a short period of time.

Store owners get to know their customers better

We implement analytical tools to test the website at every stage of its creation and operation. Conduct usability and user experience testing with both AI and breathing, living people.

NGOs stand out from the competition

Social activists are more involved in changing the world than in market analysis. Discover untapped ways to build brand recognition and increase donor revenue.

People without technical skills to publish content easily

Busy content creators want to publish easily and quickly. Chaos&Cosmos Premium Web Agency selects the appropriate publishing and content management systems.


They’ve already decided

  • Loïc Druenne

    Minority Rights Group International

    “Kosma developed a beautiful website for us two years ago. The design, user experience and general architecture of the website are great. Recently, as we were experiencing server issues, Kosma generously stepped in to help, despite her contract having ended. The website got fixed in no time. Definitely recommended!”
  • Ewa Rumińska

    Fundacja Albatros

    “Chaos&Cosmos team: sensitive to beauty, loving animals, unconventional and original in their artistic concepts, with great imagination and taste, brave, committed and reliable…”
  • Justyna Janik

    Arts & Cultural Studies Review
    Uniwersytet Jagielloński

    “We wanted the website to have a professional and transparent character. The topics of the articles published by us are very diverse, so finding the right form was not easy. However, Kosma coped very well with this task, combining all the elements we wanted.”
  • Magdalena Pałka

    Instytut Kultury Miejskiej
    w Gdańsku

    “Thank you for great cooperation! Kosma and his team prepared a website for one of our research projects. We are very pleased with the final result, Kosma is very factual, specific and communicative. We recommend :)”
  • Anita Deskiewicz


    “To graphically design materials about socially sensitive issues, you need to be sensitive, otherwise it’s easy to fall into banality and pretentiousness. Kosma catches hidden meanings in flight, gives content to seemingly insignificant meanings, reveals it where words or images are not enough. He makes what is unnamed resonate, scream and sometimes dazzle with the use of graphic techniques.”

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